Some of the most horrifying crashes in mountain biking


Without further ado, let’s get down to these death-defying stunts. First up, probably the most popular, if we can name it so, terrible crash of the last 3 years.

Cedric Gracia severed an artery. Not nice at all!

BLOODY CG – Bleeding crash at La Réunion island from Cedric GRACIA on Vimeo.

Gee Atherton won the crowd after getting up from a crash in 2012 at Mont Sainte Anne. Less than a week later, he finished 4th, just 3 seconds behind first place.

Gee Atherton’s Horrible Crash at Mont Sainte Anne 2012 – More Mountain Bike Videos

Crash of a lifetime is no understatement in this case, though Dustin Schaad recovered a few months later on.

CRASH OF A LIFETIME: Dustin Schaad Walks Away at Rampage – More Mountain Bike Videos