Cyclists don’t have 9 lives


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration recently launched a road safety campaign, which targets cyclists of all types. Well, nothing out of the ordinary so far, since campaigns like this have come and gone, and neither the fact that road superstar Thor Hushovd stars in it doesn’t leave anyone in awe. Still, the initiative called Cyclists don’t have 9 lives (in the video below it only appears in Norwegian at the end of it) brings into focus something more than treating bicycle users with the utmost care. It emphasises on equal responsibility from all parts implicated in activities on public roads, regardless if we’re talking about drivers, bikers or others. And, maybe even more on respect since you don’t need to drive a car to endanger a fellow cyclist, nor does riding a bicycle imply that you’re automatically innocent in all cases of road incidents. Therefore, there you have the two ingredients that would make this world safer, at least when travelling.