Crossing the Alps with one gear only: Fixed Alpcross


A better representation for modern-day adventure than the bicycle would be rather difficult to find. I mean, ask any enthusiat about his latest exciting story and you’ll probably draw the conclusion that even a seemingly boring ride holds so many possibilities. In this case, how could we rate the thing 4 guys, each on a fixie, are doing when deciding to do 400 kilometres in 4 days across the Alps? One gear only, front brakes only, skidding big time, and an elevation gain of over 4.000 metres! And they made it alive…


8bar FIXED ALPCROSS from 8bar BIKES on Vimeo.


  1. Just because a bike is fixed gear doesn’t mean you’re riding without any brakes. I have a ‘normal’ front brake (as do these guys in the above vid) and the usual rear braking facility that fixed gear bikes employ. Wise-up dude. Riding ‘brakeless’ is for idiots.