First ride: Merida One-Twenty 7.900 (2015)


When Jurgen Falke stated that “not a single bolt of One-Twenty’s hasn’t escaped untouched”, our imagination got fueled, so when we stood face to face with Merida’s 2015 range, the natural option for a first ride was this model.


On short, the One-Twenty challenges other premium manufacturers in the 1.300-1.600 euros price range by having a specifications chart that’s sure to be worth its money. Several versions of this model will be available, all counting on an alloy frame, and for this ride we selected the One-Twenty 7.900, which has the most performant component line-up.


Despite the fact that the bike was built for moderate mountain trails, it ecounters no problem when tackling downhill courses, while providing an efficient position in the case of climbing. As for technology, it has nothing to do with previous generations, and spear-heading this assault into a new age is the floating shock. The top tube has also been reconfigured as to make mounting and dismounting easier, while the rear wheel uses 12mm thru axle. Another neat novelty that Merida introduced along with this revamped model is its proprietary inner cable routing system, that houses even the remote cable of the rear shock and the dropper seat post’s one.


Yet, keep in mind that most of the description above reffers to the One-Twenty 7.900, the cream of the crop from its range. Some of the lower versions will not feature the tapered head tube, and neither will they have the inner cable routing. Cheaper iterations will rely on a QR9 front wheel axle, while upper-echelon ones on the QR15 standard. All models will, however, include a short stem for enhanced control when riding over various obstacles, and the derailleurs will be attached to the frame via the direct mount standard.


Also featuring in the case of this top version are the remotes that correspond to the Fox Float fork and shock, which can be switched to Climb mode, with the obvious perks of it. We expect to have the chance of a full review of this bike sooner or later, so stay tuned for more news!