Eurobike 2013: Scott further shrinks its 26 inch bike range



A long time has passed since Scott announced its intention of subsiding the 26 inch mountain bikes it had in the Genius, Scale, Aspect and Spark ranges. Only the Aspect entry-level range and Dirt Jump and Downhill models will feature in this wheel size, but even for these the Gstaad Scott team is testing 27.5 inch models, so the days of the 26 inches are really numbered.

Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned

At Scott’s Eurobike booth, all eyes turned to the Genius LT 700 Tuned model, since it represents the top-end of the enduro range. Using 27.5 inch wheels and a carbon frame, the weight figure will rise only to 12.4 kilograms. The shocks it uses, Fox, were especially developed for this model, the fork offering 170mm of travel, while the rear shock 175mm. In the chain stay a chain tensioner is integrated, making the entire system work with the same precision and efficiency as double- or single-chainring crankset.

Further protection sits in the guard mounted under the bottom bracket shell in order to deflect rocks that might be thrown by the front wheel. But Genius LT 700 Tuned’s performance doesn’t stop here, as it will also feature the options of adjusting the seat tube angle by 0.5 degrees or elevating the ground clearance by up to 6mm. several versions will be available, including an aluminum frame one.

Scott Genius 700 and 900

The all-mountain class also comprises attention-worthy members, in the shape of the Genius 700 and 900, specified with 150mm and 130mm shocks and suspensions. Lightness seems to be a strong point for these models, as the carbon frame with the rear shock mounted tips the scale at 2,3 kilograms. And by a simple push of a button you’re able to engage or disengage the shock and the suspension. In this case also, more budget-orientated versions are included, having an aluminum frame.

Scott Spark 700 and 900

Having both 27.5 inch wheels (700 series) and 29 inch ones (900 series), the Spark range includes carbon and aluminum frames, designed for 100mm suspensions and shocks, these models being orientated towards cross-country demands.