Eurobike 2013: Focus SAM comes to life and so do many 27.5 inch bikes



Top end bikes SAM and Izalco Max 0.0 put on the largest part of Focus’s show, but the German manufacturer didn’t neglect the 27.5 inch trend that gains lightspeed momentum, not even for entry-level models. The successful Black Forest frame features this wheel size as well, and on the other hand it will be present on most budget models.

Focus SAM 2014

SAM can be named, without any doubt, the headline of the off-road range brought by Focus. The enduro bike was developed from scratch around the 27.5 inch wheel standard, and will feature 160mm shocks, and a head tube angle of 65.8 degress for superior stability. Also aiding the rider will be the 75 degree seat tube angle, this time in the case of climbing. Pricing will start from 2.599 euros for the basic Sam 3.0 model, while the top of the range bike will leave you 4.999 euros lighter.

Focus Black Forest 27.5 2014

Among the numerous 27.5 inch models prepared for 2014, the Black Forest will also be present, but now with a completely redesigned frame, due to the new wheel format that required a different geometry. The Black Forest 27R 4.0 entry-level model’s specifications include a 3×9 drivetrain, aluminum frame, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a Suntour XCT MLO suspension fork, all for a price of 599 euros. Other 27.5 entry-level models feature this frame, so hand’s reach is achieved in an undeniable manner.

Focus Raven 27.5 2014

Further on we can find the Raven which also got adapted to the .5 standard, but with more sporty intentions this time, the bike being able to handle cross-country racing. The carbon frame and inner routing of the cables are the best clues of its destination, while the Magura fork was switched with a Rock Shox one with the drivetrain belonging to the Shimano XT or XTR groupsets.

Focus Izalco Max 0.0 2014

News spread about it a couple of months ago, but we had to see it to believe it. So there it is, the Izalco Max 0.0, the road bike with a 725 grams frame. SRAM Red 22 equips the bike, and if the picture didn’t leave you in awe, the 5.4 kilogram weight probably will. The bad news is you won’t get your hands on it unless you have 8.999 euros to spare.

Last but not least, Focus gets electric also, and will emphasise on offering e-mountain bikes, both full-suspension, and hardtail, rolling on 28 inch wheels. The range will bear the name Thron.