WTB Bronson Race 26 x 2.30 (2012)


It’s easy connecting Bronson the tires, to the other Bronson, Charles, the actor. These tires are as capable on the mountain as Bronson in catching the bad guys.

Launched on the market in 2011, WTB Bronson is designed for All Mountain and Enduro tracks. One Kevlar bead tire weights 670 grams so you should be delighted to add only 1.3 kg extra weight to your wheels. So, Bronson’s weight doesn’t leave room for any complaints and let’s not forget that this is a wide tire, and as you can further read, a very capable one.

As this is a folding tire, installing and removing are very easy. Its bulky look gives you all the confidence you need on the track, backed by the central knobs pattern and especially by the tall side ones. In its Race version, Bronson comes with a mix of tire which gets really close to Evo versions of tires offered by Continental or Schwalbe. Also, from this point of view, Bronson is softer than any Super Tacky Maxxis tire. So, what effects has a softer compound? Better grip for different type of tracks (rocks, gravel, roots, hard pack) and good grip in corners, at least on gravel and dirt. The side knobs manage to position the bike exactly as you like when cornering, which is an advantage, enabling you to build speed.

Since we are talking about speed, riding on asphalt is rather slow and noisy, but off-road, the central tread is responsible for an above average rolling speed. You couldn’t ask more for this tire, which, in my opinion is only left behind in this respect by the top version of Continental X-King.

I rode Bronson on several types of tracks, with the tire inflated at high pressure. Even so, the compound proved to be good enough, as the ride was still comfortable, with the rear wheel stable. On the other hand, when riding in the wet, Bronson wasn’t that good in shedding mud, and had its drawbacks on rocks.

Basically, an All Mountain or Enduro tire has to be that kind of product which does it all. But, any time you add a feature you lose another, so balance could be the right word, and in this line of thinking, WTB Bronson deserves an above the average rank in our preferences. It sells for half the price of German brands, it offers good performance as long as the weather is dry, and, I have to admit it, its aggressive knob tread looks so good, even if the side knobs could remind you the tread of another very well known tire.

Weight: 670 grams

Overall score: