Vanmoof VM6.7 (2012)


No sooner had we started the photo session with this Vanmoof, than its frame lines caught our eyes, making us realize that in a few years, this will make one nice piece of a vintage bicycle”. From our point of view, Vanmoof is an Unisex bike because even if the frame is small, its design suggests neither a women bike, nor a men one. The Dutch rather preferred to draw a diagonal linking the headtube directly to the dropouts, which is a very inspired choice and an acceptable compromise.

Frame/Around the city

Now that we have come to terms over this bike’s look, we will begin by mentioning the highlights offered by the aluminum frame: quality painting, well done welding, well, sometimes maybe with only a little bit of negligence, and an integrated headlight coming to life by the press of a button. It comes from Philips, which guarantees its reliability. Rear hub and brakes cables are nicely pulled back under the frame and are well hidden so they don’t catch your eye. Actually nothing will bother your eyes when you stop pedaling and start admiring your bike.

Your position on this the bike is quite upright. Handling is far from being agile, as the feedback provided by steering is eased by the shallow angle of the headtube, giving this bike a bit of cruiser feel. So is this Vanmoof the choice of people looking for comfort above all? Most likely because the handlebars are also swept towards the cyclist, so he or she doesn’t even have to extend his or her arms too much. And if it’s too hot outside, you can always rest your elbows on the handlebars. This is very convenient indeed but you have to be very careful when doing this because your hands are away from brake levers in this position.


The model we tested was equipped with a 7-speed Nexus internal hub. This means that you can always select a gear ratio according to your general mood. In the lowest gear you’ll almost idle while pedaling and you’ll use it only when you set forth with the bike, while in the highest gear you’re able to reach speeds of 30 km / h or even more, if pedaling hard. It’s most unlikely that you’ll be interested in such speed testing with Vanmoof, and consequently you will never use these ratios. You will shift gears using GripShit lever (by rotating it) produced by Micro Shift. This actually teams up pretty good with the Shimano Nexus hub, changing gears almost instantly, with very few misfires.

We really appreciated the chain protection. It is by no means delivered as a thin plastic piece, installed above the chain, ready to crack in the first year of use and obsessively clatter. On the contrary, the entire chain is dressed in plastic, so there isn’t the slightest chance of getting in contact with it. This is a very clean ride indeed!

Vanmoof VM6.7 runs on white sidewall Schwalbe tires. They give the bike a classy touch and are also responsible for the increased comfort due to their balloon. In addition they offer an average speed so you won’t’ have to sweat too much over long distances.

Brake levers were not among our favorites. Not even the ring bell integrated into the left lever managed to save the day, even if we enjoyed the idea, as well as the decibels that mercilessly sent towards confused pedestrians.  Quality of the levers is not reflected by the brakes. Even if the front brake does not provide the expected level of performance, you can always rely on the rear brake, which is quite good.


Vanmoof VM6.7 makes one nice city bike. Although the producer does not insist on this term, it really fits the VM6.7 style. The timeless design and the good componentry, specifically tailored for the city, make the Dutch bike an alternative to be taken into account. It is not too lightweight indeed, but it makes up for it as it be can easily fitted inside the elevators we all are accustomed with. If price is too high for you, there is also a singlespeed version available.

Weight: 17.6 kg

Overall score: