Truvativ X9 2 × 10 Crankset (2012)


This autumn I got a Truvativ X9 2 × 10 crankset bike, actually using it for a long time. And this because I needed a longer period of time to decide if a 2 × 10 (double chainring) crankset offers more advantages than one equipped with three chainrings (3 × 9, 3 × 10). Truvativ X9 competes on equal terms with Shimano XT, the latter weighing 41 grams less than X9, given that it has 3 sheets.

Why would you opt for a double crankset? The advantages are many: the number of teeth of the sheets is designed to provide ratios similar (but not identical) to 3 × 10 cranksets; in theory, they should weigh a few grams less and require fewer shifts. I tested a crankset using the 26, respectively 39 sheets of teeth. If this format is not tempting enough and you can compensate by force, you have the 28-42  tooth chainrings.

Truvativ X9 2 × 10 and the Bottom Bracket weigh together 881 grams, a decent value in the segment. Under these conditions, X9 fails to approach the weight of 840 grams (Bottom Bracket included) of the new Shimano XT crankset.

Since it uses the new X-Glide technology, X9 is able to provide very rapid shifts, not just because it features two sheets, but due to their construction:  there are 4 ramps that  help the chain pull up and other 4 that help it pull down. This ensures fast shifting, facilitating chain to climb or descend at several points.

As you can see in pictures, finishes are excellent, protecting outer surface of the arms from scratches that usually occur while riding on muddy trails. In terms of durability and stiffness, X9, just like Shimano’s XT, fits the ideal parameters because the crank arms are empty inside, thus increasing resistance.

In conclusion, I can say that Truvativ X9 is ideal for cyclists who often participate in competitions or have trained legs. Although in my opinion, the two chainrings can compensate ratios offered by triple cranksets, I do not think that will be the same with weekend cyclists or those who do not participate in MTB competitions. Here and there, they will feel the absence of a small 24 tooth chainring, although 2 × 10 cranksets can compensate by a larger sprocket (34 or 36 tooth).

I was highly satisfied with the Truvativ X9 finishing and durability. It is a great alternative for those who feel confident in their own forces rather than in a high torque, designed to facilitate pedaling on steep ascents.

Weight: 881 grams

Overall score: