Sram XX (2011) Rear Derailleur


The XX range is the apex of upgrading one’s bike using Sram components. Basically, you can’t find better components than those of XX range. We had a rear derailleur for testing for one whole week and we can now tell you everything about its functionality, and our only bad news is that you have to dig down deep into your pocket to buy, as it costs almost 200 euro. But, there is still hope during discount periods.

In point of weight, Sram XX must bow before the 2011 Shimano XTR, as the Japanese managed to come up with a derailleur which is 5 grams lighter. But, you really have no reasons to feel discouraged, as Sram XX has a lot to offer.

First of all, take into account that it’s not advisable to use this derailleur with any shifter. For perfect functioning you will have to choose XX shifter, which is an extra-investment. Same as the derailleur, the lever is excellently finished and made from expensive materials, very pleasant to touch. The effort required to shift gears is minimal!

If the low weight, the titanium main spring or the excellent finishes didn’t manage to impress you, not even the carbon cage, then for sure you’ll be amazed by the way this rear derailleur works. Sram managed to reach the highest peak of performance, and I am saying this because Sram XX does shift quicker than Shimano XTR, even if the difference can be counted in milliseconds. But, as a rider, you feel it!

Regardless of track, XX is just incredibly precise. You can ride over big bumps or shift gears brutally under heavy load, this derailleur has been designed to brave it out, no matter what the race may throw at it. So, you can forget about the shop assistant warning you not to abuse it, in order to benefit from warranty and good functioning. Just nod your head, and just run wild once on the track!

Sram XX has been designed to be compatible with 10 speed cassettes, and has a dedicated length specific to Sram double cranksets. There are two sizes of cages, medium and long, and weight differences between these two are insignificant. Medium cages are ideal for hardtail XC Marathon bikes, and when it comes to choosing a chain, the PC1090 is to be considered.

In brief, Sram XX is the ideal rear derailleur for XC Race bikes or pretentious Marathon bike riders. It will resist any challenge and has a long service life, justifying its price. Should you think to buy it, consider also an XX trigger and the chain we have recommended you. I can’t help telling you that this is also a good occasion for you to change you cassette, as the drive train will work in complete harmony, but I know that this means spending more money than you have planned. Anyway, Sram XX is one of the best derailleurs I have ever tested.

Weight: 181 grams (long cage)