SRAM X.9 Rear Derailleur (2011)


An immediate reaction to Shimano Dyna Sys coming from Sram was to be expected, so starting with 2011, X.9 is available for 10 speed cassettes. With medium cage, it is also approximately 20 grams lighter than its main rival, Shimano XT.

So, how does the new X.9 feel on the track? Like a fish in the water! It doesn’t matter where and how you ride, it shifts gears very smoothly and very accurately. If you take a look at the photos bellow, you will notice that it took a lot of dust and mud on the mountain track, but this did not affect its performance at all.

Shifting under load is an easy task for this derailleur, even if it stops being very silent. However, we recommend not abusing it. It is compatible with sprocket up to 36 teeth and it weighs 204 grams. This means it is only 10 grams heavier than X.0, Sram’s top of the range derailleur. Compared to its direct competitor, Shimano XT, Sram X.9 benefits from a carbon cage, which explains the low weight of this derailleur.

As any other derailleur, this one too can quickly be adjusted, and installing it on the bike shouldn’t be too difficult. We can also assure you that X.9 will stay in its place without ever touching the lower side of the chainstay.

To conclude, the 2011 Sram X.9 for 10 speed cassettes is an excellent choice thank to its very good functioning. It is twice cheaper than Sram X.0, but still more expensive than its competitor, Shimano XT, which sells for approximately 70 euro. Sram offers the same precision but is lighter, and we had to appreciate that all the upgrades which X.9 has gone through were meant to make it shift better. If its 2009 version was slightly more unrefined than Shimano XT, in 2011 things have become exactly opposite.

For those with sophisticated taste, Sram has prepared three color versions: white, red and grey.

Weight: 204 grams (medium cage)
Use: XC, All Mountain