Shimano Ultegra 6700 Crankset (2012)


Although, once electrified, the Ultegra set was given a strong impetus, a group of components can not rely only on derailleurs, even if they work smoothly. So, here is FC 6700, the crankset that confirms once again that Shimano respect themselves and their customers by offering high quality products.

Now let’s get to the part description. FC 6700 has several strong points. For example, did you know that outer chainring is hollow? The advantage of this design is stiffness – the two walls are a plus in this respect, more than if the 5 arms (the spider) that support the chainrings were reinforced. The crankset is made of forged aluminum and the fact that the spider arms are hollow also refers both to stiffness and appearance. Chainrings screws are tightened from the inside of the crankset, which puts a little distance between the outer chainring and the inner one. They can be replaced, and the whole crankset  has Hollowtech II technology.

In point of appearance, opinions are varied. The Ultegra has been taking the shape of the Dura-Ace set, which is a double-edged sword. Yes, it is true that aggressive form can only increase the appeal of this set, but very high similarity with Dura-Ace can give the appearance of a cheaper copy of this legendary set. But in both versions, the 6700 gear finishes are impeccable, which is a delight to the eye.

In combination with other components, Ultegra FC-6700 will ensure very smooth drive train running, with all it entails, namely very good functioning and accurate and quick shift. In fact, the main characteristics of the Ultegra set have always been components a little bit inferior  to the ultra high-end in point of performance, but at much more affordable prices.

Speaking of weight, FC-6700 is not just the top. Weighing 790 grams, the crankset fits on the same line with the corresponding sets of other companies but not ahead of them, in any case.

FC-6700 is available in 53-39, 52-29 and Compact (50-34) variants in terms of chainrings teeth. As for crank arms length, you can choose among 160, 165, 170, 172.5 and 175 mm.

Weight: 790 grams