Shimano Tiagra 4603 Crankset (2012)


With a fresh look that inspires confidence, Tiagra made great progress in 2012.  Shimano’s decision to improve this set can only satisfy those who want to discover the pleasure of pedaling on the road and want something more than an entry-level set. I could not overlook the new version of the set and I decided to minutely analyze each piece of the set. Today it’s the turn of the crankset.

Although it was not quite the variety I wanted to test, the 3 chainring version of 4603 Tiagra crankset  is worth taking  into account, especially if you have a generous budget destined to it. However, even with this option I was able to find out the pluses and minuses of the model.

Let’s start with looks. The shape is more than I had expected for this price and for the positioning of the whole set. Fine lines denote excellent aerodynamics and are a delight to the eye, being the main characteristic of this mechanism. The characters of the logo are cleverly chosen to enhance the feeling that an efficient part transmits energy from your feet to the chain.

However, when it comes to technical features, there’s nothing amazing about it. This is quite normal, given its position in the Shimano range. Weight is the most sensitive point, counting1105 grams. Even if the double chainring version weighs 943 grams, it is still more than the Tiagra direct competitors, such as the Sram Apex set. In terms of functionality, I have no objections, the crankset very smoothly facilitating the ups and downs of the chain from one chainring to the other, especially for an almost mid-level set. Plates were specially designed to efficiently provide this efficient movement to the chain and Japanese seriousness in this regard can not be overlooked.

Another smart move of the Japanese was to make the set compatible with the other ones in the Shimano range, namely with 10 speeds, so this crankset can be a good start if you need  certain parts right away, but want to upgrade your bike in the future. In addition, the crankset is compatible with BB HollowTech II (hollow bottom bracket axle), which is another plus, indeed.

Weight: 1.105 grams