Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Brakes (2013)


There’s no doubt that the new Dura-Ace 9000 scores high points both for design and for performance and that the brakes also can very well be defined by these two coordinates. Yet I ask myself how can something that works flawless, like all Dura-Ace brakes, turned into something better. Eventhough it keeps the answer for itself, the Japanese producer seems to know it very well.

The design is certainly one of the key points of this set of brake calipers and it also lets us know that in building them, the manufacturer used quality materials. Aerodynamics have also played an important role in defining the shape of the two components, but the result is only good, not being anything revolutionary.

Another matter that Shimano boasts about is the efficiency of the calipers, which is said to have been improved by this new design. Therefore, the pivots are placed in perfect symmetry, while the arm where the cable hood stops is now longer in order to require a shorter housing. The actual result? A 10% increase in breaking power, although you don’t necessary feel it completely. I would rather rely on my other encounters with Dura-Ace brakesets, which worked perfectly, if I were to recommend the present pair of calipers, more than on simple figures. If its predecessors did such a good job, it is only normal that the 9000-series brakes will behave the same.

In terms of weight however, there is no sign of progress in comparison with the 7900-series calipers. Maybe this would be the weak point of these brakes, but on the other hand you can make do with the improved functionality. So, if money aren’t an issue for you and if you desire zero compromise, the Dura-Ace 9000 brake calipers are a fine choice.

Weight: 297 grams/pair
Price: 320 euros