Shimano Deore M615 Brakes Review (2014)


The new generation of Shimano Deore brakes, M615, brings a handful of improvements compared to the previous generation, and while this is a logical step, it’s still amazing how Shimano can further improve something that already works smooth.

First of all, Shimano improved the quality of the materials used for the upper part of the lever, also giving it a different, new shape, a measure repeated for the caliper as well, but from this point of view, the manufacturer can still do better. Despite the increased quality, which brings along increased functionality, the brakes still do not take a significant leap forward, like matching upper-echelon ones such as the XT brakes. Still, the easier mounting process of both lever and caliper are more than welcomed, Shimano simplifying the elements involved in it.

There are at least two things that influence braking capabilities, one being the rotor size (both 180mm), and the other caliper design, and we can say for sure that Shimano got both of them right in the case of Deore. Elegant modulation replaced the raw power that Deore featured back in the days, and the subsequent implication is that its performances are basicly similar to those of the XT or SLX brakes. Deore may fall behind the other two in terms of weight, and material quality, but not in terms of power.

Pulling the lever may be done almost effortlessly, requiring only one finger thanks to the ServoWave technology, so, all in all, we’d pick the Deore brakes on any day. They become noisy in wet conditions, and have some extra grams compared to competitors, but you’ll forget about all these as soon as you start riding and using them. The price is right, and for this reason you can order the IceTech rotors too, further enhancing your two-wheel experience.

Weight: 425 grams (14.991oz), 180mm rotor included