Shimano Deore M590 Crankset (2011)


In search of that particular crank ready to solve all your dilemmas regarding weight and performance? Then, you should have a look at the 2011 Shimano Deore M590, as Shimano wanted to launch a product which addresses a large variety of customers, thirsty for performance, but not willing to pay more than 70-80 euro for a crank.

The new Shimano Deore crank is offered with Hollowtech II technology. This means that you will no longer need the old Bottom Bracket, as Deore already integrates it. In addition, installing the crank is a child’s game. Deore M590’s weight is approximately 1.020 grams including Bottom Bracket bearings which are to be installed on the frame, and 998 grams without bearings. It’s not the lightest crank in the world, but is better than the older model. Furthermore, getting rid of the classical Bottom Bracket will spare you a few extra grams.

Arms are aluminum made, with integrated axle attached to the left arm, while the inner and outer chainring are made from a very resistant metal for extra-durability. If we brought chainrings into discussion, we tested the 44/32/22 tooth configuration, and we consider it enough to always give an ideal gear ratio on the mountain. You can also choose a 48/36/26 tooth version, but we consider that the gear ratios this one offers are more suited for longer distances, to be ridden on asphalt.

If you feel you need more control, we advise you to chose the 175 mm arms, but keep in mind that ground clearance will be 5 mm less when you keep the pedal in its lowest position. Shorter riders or those who want more ground clearance are advised to choose the 170 mm arms.

The chain goes from the outer chainring to the middle one and then to the inner chainring smoothly and fast enough. It does not manage to reach the performance of a Shimano XT, but you will be satisfied with the way it works, especially if you upgrade from an older model. Also, if you rarely or never use the outer chainring, you can very easily remove it, as the chainrings are bolted together. You only need a number 6 Allen keys, but don’t forget to adjust the rear derailleur accordingly. Perhaps this kind of tuning is more suited for the 48/36/26 chainrings configuration, quickly transforming it in a double crank, same as higher range ones.

Deore M590 is offered in two colors, black and silver. Even if the black version looks much better in our opinion, it will scratch more easily than the silver one, especially if you’re “lucky” and get to race on muddy tracks. You can (partly) avoid this problem by using a set of clipless pedals.

To conclude, the Shimano Deore M590 crank is ideal for those of us who are very careful about how they spend their money, but still aim at low weight and above the average performance. This is one of the best choices to make in this range.

Weight: 1.020 grams including BB