Schwalbe Big Apple (2011)


Perhaps some of the most popular and versatile tires on the market, the Schwalbe Big Apple (26 x 2.15) are immediately noticed tanks to the comfort they offer. High sales figures are the best proof in this respect. How they behave in the city and what performance they provide, the present test is to clarify.

Despite the allegations of the Schwalbe manufacturer, according to which the Big Apple tires are not among the fastest in the range, a mere ride across the city will prove just the contrary: they provide a good running speed, quite close to that provided by the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires.

But what I especially liked is the tire pressure range you can run on. It allows you either to run more comfortably at the expense of running speed and protection against snake-byte, or faster, but at the expense of comfort. So, the Big Apple can run safely within a range of 20 to 55 psi! It supports a rider weighing up to 130 kg, so you should not worry unless you have serious problems with weight.

Responsible for protection against punctures is the new KevlarGuard technology, to be found on the tire sidewall. Therefore, there’s little possibility of having flat tires when crossing over sidewalks, though blows are stronger (not running at minimum pressure is a condition you should meet, however).

The weight of the tire is not exactly small, the 760 grams being due to using wire bead, instead of Kevlar. The only real downside is limited adherence in wet and / or cold temperatures.

Another advantage is the solid construction of these tires. From this point of view, I feel compelled to recommend them both for city bikes and those who want to move quickly on (very) simple mountain biking tracks. At the same time they are a decent alternative for bikepark or street enthusiasts.

Last but not least, the Schwalbe Big Apple tires come in several sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26 and 28 inches!

Citybike or mountain bike used in the city? In point of speed and comfort, it is the ideal tire for either of the two categories. They cost 25 euros, which is not quite cheap, but if you want a tire that meets many qualities, then you make yourself save some money! You’ll make a sustainable investment because these tires have a very long life!

Weight: from 760 grams (model 26 x 2.15)