Review: Onza Canis 29er Mountain Bike Tires (2014)


The Onza Canis have long been on our test list, but more recently the manufacturer released the 29er version of the model, with a slight improvement added. Ok, maybe „slight” isn’t the best word to describe things, since on-trail performance proved far superior to that of the 26er model, but in the review below we’ll take a close look at this big-wheel pair of tires.

We received the tires in the 29×2.25 inch size, foldable version, manufactured out of the RC2 120 TPI compound. High-quality makes itself noticed from the very start, and there’s plenty of grip included, features which we expected given that we’re dealing with the top version of the model. Cornering grip meets the demands of any hardcore rider despite the medium lateral knobs, while the center area allows reaching a high rolling speed on off-road, and helps the wheels stick to the ground whatever the circumstances, therefore efficiently using your pedalling power. We actually were really impressed by the enhanced grip delivered on difficult trails, and as far as wet conditions are concerned Canis is a pretty capable cross-country tire.

The large gaps between knobs are responsible for clearing the tire of mud, and they also prevent small rocks from being thrown in the direction of the down tube. However, you might want to keep in mind that the 120 TPI casing that offers the high rolling speed, doesn’t reach the same level in terms of puncture protection. This doesn’t necessarily imply you’ll go from flat to flat, as we didn’t encounter such problems, but it’s worth knowing.

Another downside of these tires is the weight figure of 695 grams, although its perks quickly counterbalance this drawback. Onza Canis will diligently serve both cross-country and all-mountain riders, and are yet another great option for those seeking non-German manufacturers. Also, the price is encouraging.

Weight: 695 grams