Review: Fabric Scoop Saddle (2015)


Behold! You’re looking at one of the most comfortable saddles this team of editors has rode on in the past years. Actually, it also combines the comfort we told you about with low weight, and even with a low price. All those of you that until now picked light saddles, but with a heavy print on your budget, which, by the way, weren’t that comfty, should give the Scoop a chance. Find out why below.

Fabric made its appearance recently in the bicycle industry, and eventhough it aims high, for the moment it doesn’t have what you would typically name a product range, its brief line-up consisting of 3 saddles and a pair of handlebar grips. Then again, this might act as strong point, as it allows the company to focus, and specialize, on just a few products, and in this case, it seems that this is Fabric’s main guideline.

Now, let’s welcome Scoop, one of the 3 saddle models available from Fabric. Scoop is also the cheapest one, having CrMo rails and a price revolving around 50 euros, but, as the rest of the saddles, it’s manufactured out of 3 different sections: the upper part, the lower part, and the rails. One thing you’ll notice missing is the lack of a visible method of affixing the two parts together, the joint area that the two form being as clean as it is elegant. Also note that the texture of the cover offers enhanced grip, and is water-resistant, withstanding washing.

You might also rejoice upon hearing that Scoop can take a lot of customization: you can choose between a carbon or a nylon shell, both in a wide array of colors, and between titanium, CrMo or carbon rails. Of course, top materials come with a top price, in this case the highest model costing 220 euros.

Regarding functionality, Scoop proves to be rather soft, but also has flexing lateral parts, similar to models that feature the Wing Flex technology, that allow a less restricted movement of the thighs when pedalling. Oh, and did we mention that Fabric has its own customization vision? The back end of the saddle can be adjusted according to your wishes, having either a flat, curved or heavily curved shape, depending on your desire, the first being the most sporty version, while the last emphasizing on comfort.

After one month of using Scoop, maybe you’ll find yourself in our shoes, craving for the Lite higher model, but that’s a wish coming true only after it will hit the market. And, we don’t mind at all making do with Scoop, since it weighs 250 grams, making it more than ideal for the needs of a weekend warrior, and easily making its way towards the high-quality products’ arena.