Onza Ibex XC 26 x 2.00 Tires (2012)


For more than one month I rode with the 2012 budget version of Ibex XC, the 26 x 2.00 wire bead tire.  I took it across mountains, valleys, forests and long gravel roads, and now I am finally ready to come up with the conclusions.

With a declared weight of 570 grams (our scale showed 640 grams), Ibex ranks somewhere below XC tires average, and  one of the reasons could be the wire bead construction. Nevertheless they are easy to install and no levers are needed.

Ibex best rolls on dirt, offering good corner grip, due the above average dimensions of the side knobs, while rolling speed is acceptable. The central knobs are relatively spaced, hence the low rolling speed on asphalt. But, Ibex’s tread has to offer either a higher rolling speed, or better traction (for the rear wheel) if you turn the tire and use it like this.

On stony tracks Onza Ibex offers very good traction when climbing and loads of grip when blasting down. To conclude, Ibex is a tire to be recommended, if rolling speed is not your main criterion in choosing the next set of tires. Even if weight is not among the smallest in the range, grip, durability and puncture protection are at their best. The price of approximately 20 euro is as reasonable as it can be, taking into account the advantages we mentioned earlier. However, if you want to save a few grams, you could go for the 26 x 2.00 foldable top version, weighing only 480 grams.

Weight: 640 grams