You know, there’s not many parts manufacturers that think of people like me, nostalgics. Up to a few years ago, grabbing a pair of beige sidewall tires was rare but this changed lately. Maxxis is one of the producers that offers this type of models in their range and we have recently tested the Ikon.

You need to know from the start that tyres in this range, Skinwall, don’t benefit from all the technologies and compounds available (3C, Maxspeed etc), and they are not the lightest either. However, if you want a great mix of price, grip and looks, this is one of the best options on the market. This is however a tubeless tyre and as expected it’s weight is around 680 gr (24oz).

Ikon is a fast tyre, built for hardpack and because of its skinnier sidewalls, we chose the 2.2 inch version on a 29 inch wheel. Inflated at the ideal pressure, for us somewhere around 1.9 bar (27.5 PSI), they can take you on various terrains without risking a snake bite. So, on a classic dry marathon track, this tyre is enough to make you go fast, handling itself decent on both roots and rocks. Of course, in this cases it’s best to have a tyre with a bigger thread, similar for most of-camber situations, but somehow the Ikon seems to combine everything in a pleasing manner. If things get wet, the tyre is harder to keep on track and you will need to slow down. Regarding mud, best avoid it, the tyre is not so great to shed it and will become loaded.

The overall impression is great, as long as you use it on dry tracks that don’t involve gnarly descents. Going up they offer enough grip even on areas with loose terrain. The price is fair, around €37 ($42), just like it’s weight 680 gr (24oz). Anyways, Maxxis doesn’t build light tires because they are usually going for grip and performance, two qualities you won’t get out of a light tyre of say… 400 grams (14oz)?