Mavic XM 117 Rims (2010)


Mavic is a very famous name when it comes to rims. In fact, this manufacturer is so popular, that for many riders, Mavic is the only choice when it comes to bicycle wheels or rims. However, this company is not alone on the market, and competition is there, trying to get good turnovers.

This is the reason why Mavic has in range an entry level rim, which anyone can buy for little less than 20 euro. We’re talking about XM 117, which can either be bought as an aftermarket product from many shops or it may come as an OEM part on your bike. And it can be found not only on entry-level bikes but also on more expensive models. We were curious to see what it is capable of and share our opinions with you.

These rim’s look is neither aggressive, nor solid, but their finish gets close to the quality of higher spec model. It’s not quite there, but it’s acceptable. We were delighted to notice that you can fit tires up to 2.40 on these rims – we rode a Schawlbe Racing Ralph, as they are relatively narrow. For sure, the tire won’t look like a 2.40, but rather like a 2.25, while the manufacturer recommends tires with a maximum width of 2.30. An important advantage is represented by the milled sidewall of this rim which helps expelling water when riding in the wet.

We have also fitted the original 1.90 tire which the bike came with in the first place to see what this rim is really capable of. A wider tire absorbs shocks, so the rim benefits from a degree of protection, but a 1.90 isn’t of much help here. Our test ride consisted of urban riding with numerous borders, some smoother, while others rough. Then we decided to try some descents, deliberately hitting the rim to obstacles on track. The rim reacted just fine and it did not give any sign of weakness. As a matter of fact, these are just its normal operating conditions! To go further with our test ride, we did some small jumps landing diagonally with the rear wheel so that it takes stronger shocks. Our conclusion was that the rim is rather sensitive to stronger lateral hits, which make it slightly untrue. If you keep on abusing it, you will untrue it even more.

All these can only mean one thing: you can use this rim without any problems for riding across town or XC, without having to do too much adjustment for long periods of time. If you like to push the limits or even do some more aggressive All Mountain, then you will have to look towards XM321. Owners usually complain about frequent untrueing in case of tougher operating conditions. With its 440 grams, it manages to outrun its competitors from Rigida, Alex Rims or even Mach 1. However, Sunringle is a redoubtable competitor, especially in terms of low weight and durability. You should also know that there also exists a disc brake version, namely XM117 Disc, which is significantly heavier, as it puts 457 on the scale.

Weight: 440 grams
Use: XC, City