Kenda Klondike K946 Winter Studded Tire (2012)


With its 169 metal spikes, Kenda Klondike K946 is a winter tire designed to radically improve your traction on ice or snow. Find out in this article the degree to which it manages to cope with the most difficult weather conditions.

Installing was quick, despite the fact that these tires are not foldable. Even if their compound quality is not impressive, these tires are brilliant when riding in snow. The real fun begins on twisty descents, where the metal spikes offer a very good grip, allowing you to play and always keep skidding under control.

Due to their width of 1.95, these tires can ride through powder snow section, even if you’ll have to pedal a little harder. The usually hard to tackle car tracks are easy to ride, as the spikes on the side knobs ram the ice and you can carry on in peace. Should you encounter clean asphalt, the noise made by the spikes is not that annoying, but my advice is to ride them as little as possible on hard surfaces or you will quickly wear the spikes.

Rolling speed is decent on snow and on asphalt also, but knowing these tires’ mission, we didn’t have too high expectations for this chapter. A weight of 1.04 kg is indeed rather big, but this is the last thing which will cross you mind while pedaling with loads on snow on the frame or chainstay. The rigid compound of these tires will increase their traction on snow and also their life span. As you will most likely use them for 2 months / year, you can keep them for at least three seasons of pedaling.

We rode these tires on various surfaces and types of snow, from beaten off-road tracks to asphalt covered by snow. In order to better spot the differences, in our test we also had a bicycle equipped with regular tires, in our case Continental Mountain King. When Conti clearly let us know that his game was over, with Klondike, fun was just starting: pedaling under load, pedaling uphill or while taking corners, nothing ever required too much effort. It is true, Klondike K946 is far from being the best winter bicycle tire or offering the top technology for this niche of products, but it does a nice job for the average cyclist.

If you’re not looking for sheer winter fun and you only need a set of tires giving enough grip while you ride across town, these tires are more than enough. If you want more, you’ll have to spend some extra money, because tires such as Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro are indeed lighter and fitted with more spikes, but they also sell for a double. With a price tag of approximately 30 euro,  Kena Klondike K946 is quite an attractive offer.

Weight: 1040 grams


  1. Got the Kenda Klondike 50-559 tires for my 1st winter commuting season in Chicago 2013-2014 (brutal Chicago winter this year). Rode these daily 12 mile round trip for 3 months. Studs lost = 0. Really impressed! Studs are in two rows each side of the center line. With tires pumped up to 50psi (max is 60), rolling resistance was very low, as the studs just barely hit the road. When icy, I just lowered the pressure a tad. Excellent grip and a big confidence booster. I did not ride them “hard”, and only locked up the back when cut off by ignorant drivers. Stopping power is excellent. Highly recommend for winter – I’ll be putting these back on in 9 months!