This is the second women specific bike that we receive for testing this year, so we asked Irina for help. When we are referring to women specific we don’t necessarily mean the bikes colors, even if they play an important part in choosing the bike, but rather some important bike specifications: frame with a lowered top tube, shorter stem, narrower handlebar and a more comfortable saddle. All ment to make a woman’s time on bike more comfortable.

Bike details:

  • aluminium entry level hardtail frame, women specific design
  • 100mm fork travel
  • price: 499 EUR
  • 27.5 inch wheels
  • For easy forest trails or gravel mountain roads

Frame / On the trail

Position on the bike is compact, far from racy, and this could mean good news for women looking for comfort. The top tube is strongly bent downwards that getting on and off the bike is done with ease. A short stem and a narrow handlebar means a more “agitated” bike, but wider handlebars are dedicated for women that go to mountain bike races, the ones that take riding more serious. Grace is a well equipped option for a recreational bike which will let you enjoy the outdoors on weekends. And for this, it is an excellent bike.

The 13.8 kg weight is not really small, but if we match it to the price, you’ll see there are not many lighter options. Of course, everyone wants a lighter bike, but we have to be willing to pay at least double for that. Regarding geometry, this is as classic as it gets: 71 degree head tube, 73 degree seat tube, this numbers show that this bike will handle climbs well but will reach its limits really fast on fast descents.

The bike looks great, the lollipop color palette pops up nicely. The frame can support only one bottle cage but also allows a rear trunk to be mounted, should you ever need it. Regarding the finishing touches, this Drag closes the gap with more expensive competitors regarding the weld and paint quality.


The main component that ads to a lower weight is the Suntour XCR for with air damping. This is also what ads a more plush feeling to the bike, even if the entry-level tires don’t really help. On the good side, replacing the tires is far more cheaper than replacing the bikes fork.

Regarding the gearing we have 3 chainrings with a 9 sprocket cassette, which provide enough speed on a straight line or for easier climbing. It is built with entry-level Acera/Altus derailleurs and a Shimano MT200 Crankset which despite its lower quality chainrings it has a hollowtech axle and a cool design.

The brakes are good on flat roads and light descents but might reach its limits very fast on longer and steeper descents. Tektro M285 hydraulic brakes will do great if you don’t push them to hard and the 160mm rotors are ok for someone that weighs around 60kg.

The wheels look strong and inspire durability, but as previously mentioned, Schwalbe Smart Sam tires are not really comfortable. They are good for rolling resistance but the rubber is a bit tough so they will prefer flatter terrain.

The saddle is comfortable, the grips are a bit tough and the fact that Drag decided to add a chainstay protector from Cox is a great detail.

Relevant data

Total weight: 13.8 kg without pedals
Handlebar width: 640mm
Stem length: 60mm


Well positioned regarding price, with a good design and solid components where it really matters, Drag Grace is a great bike as long as you match it with the right terrain. The fork is comfortable and better tires would have added to the comfort (minimum Performance tires from Schwalbe). So you just have to be ready to roll and you are sure to expect people turning their heads after the bike.

Climbing: 6/10
Downhill: 7/10

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