CST Correre Clincher Tires (2012)


A good tire often makes the difference between a fast and a lumpish ride, and also allows you to spend more time actually riding than fixing flat tires. CST Correre are the first road tires I have ever tested, and, to be frank, they follow the above description. These tires are built for speed and they sell for an accessible price.

These are slick treaded tires so they are to be ridden only on dry, neat asphalt, with one precise purpose: speed. As a result, their rolling resistance is low, but there is still room for improvement. However, one thing is certain, if you will ride with Correre tires, pedaling becomes slightly easier. One solid proof is the TPI number, 120 for these tires, a value which gives them a top ranking at least when it comes to the material they use. Talking about weight, CST Correre does not disappoint, as one 700 x 23 kevlar tire weighs 233 grams. This makes it a direct competitor for famous manufacturers, such as Continental or Michlein.

Grip is also very good, but we’re talking about dry conditions. We don’t know the manufacturer’s official opinion in this matter but personally, I don’t recommend these tires for riding in the wet, especially because they lack a thread to prevent aquaplaning. So, you can confidently lean when rounding curves with Correre, especially when riding on fresh asphalt, as I did for the test and for the photo shooting. Another feature which improves their grip is its dual compound: edges offer more grip while the middle is wear resistant. However, we have to say that even so, these Correr wears rather quick, which is not unusual for low rolling resistance tires.

Time to talk about the puncture protection these tires offer now. I rode them for approximately 250 kilometers and I stayed out of troubles. Of course, I was careful to avoid scrap and I inflated the tires to the right pressure, but I can say that I was satisfied with how the tires performed, especially after extracting a piece of wire nicely fastened in the casing. It seems that the EPS puncture protection system really does work. In the end, the price is another benefit of CST Correre. For approximately 20 euro per piece you get a Kevlar tire, offering very good performance.

Weight: 233 grams/piece


  1. You are wrong in saying that slick tires should not be used in wet conditions. You are incorrectly applying the principles of auto tires to bicycle tires. They are totally different due to their totally divergent patch area to inflation pressure ratios. A slick bicycle tire has better traction under all conditions than a bike tire that has a tread pattern. If you don’t believe me, then read the research done by mechanical engineer Jobst Brandt and the Avocet Co.