CST Camber 26×2.10 Tires (2012)


Camber 26×2.10 is the first CST tire we get in touch with. The Taiwanese company distinguishes itself by the low price of its own tires, but it also produces tires for other well known brands. As this brand enjoys good recommendations, all what’s left to do is start riding with a Camber equipped bike, to conclude how capable is tread and its compound really are.

The model we have tested is the luckiest combination one can buy in the Camber range: foldable, dual compound, low weight. It’s very easy to install them, and in no more than five minutes, both wheels should be ready to roll.

Camber tread consists of medium knobs slightly bigger on sides. As the knobs are not too spaced, the tires can roll faster, while their orientation according to the wheel they fit greatly improves grip: the two central knobs are oriented forward for the front wheel, making this tire roll fast, while on the rear wheel they are oriented backwards, to provide traction.

On dirt and gravel, I was quite pleased with Camber. It grabs corners with no effort while riding on single trails, but on some sand and grit sectionS, grip is at its limit. It offers no comfort on tracks with big stones, there is not an extraordinary amount of grip, but we mustn’t forget the size of these tires. Camber climbs without hesitation, offering good grip even on grass. In the wet however, it’s game over for these tires, and we could say they even dislike mud. But, as it’s no easy task to build a tire which rides fine regardless of track, especially on a tight budget, we have decided that Camber deserves three stars.

This tire is also available with wire bead, which adds approximately 100 grams to its weight, meaning 200 extra grams for both wheels if you decide to buy it. This is why I recommend the folding tire, even for those on a small budget, as approximately 20 euro for each tire gives a very decent cost – performance ratio. Even if it’s difficult for Camber to keep up with top tires coming from Continental or Schwalbe, when it comes to grip and weight, Camber has the good price on its side. They tip the balance with 620 grams (600 grams declared by CST) and they are to be looked at by those riding moderate on mountain trails or those who want to replace their old wire bead tires with foldable and lighter tires.

Weight: 620 grams