Do you believe the term Race appears too often in this tires name? Meaning every two words? There is a reason for that: Race King tire is one of the fastest that Continental builds for bikes, being also one of the lightest in this size.

This is a tubeless ready tire (not advertised as one but using the right sealant can be used tubeless) and when you remove it from it’s wrapping you realize how thin it is. It’s easy to mount on the rim and once there it stays there and the fact that it is so light reminds us just how far technology progressed. The RaceSport version is the lightest model of Race Kings, there are also heavier and cheaper models and also a Protection version, with reinforced sidewalls.

The current version went through some improvements for this season, just like all the other Conti tires and the compound is now softer and grippier.

This became evident on the trail also, compared to the older version or to cheaper versions, they are very comfortable, they roll easy and they offer strong grip when things get more complicated. And I mean complicated because these tires are ideal for competitions through woods or on soft hills, as long as you don’t go through rock gardens or through heavy rain. The thread is trying to grip on anything it finds yet still allows for good rolling resistance, this is something that Race King was always good at, however it seems to do it better now.

It does good when cornering, even if there are situations where bigger knobs would have been more helpful. Regarding traction I have seen the biggest improvements when climbing, the softer compound is now more capable and sticks better to the trail.

This is a race tire that combines many qualities and will seem ultra-performant as long as you use it where it shines: dry trails with scarce rough obstacles, like really fast trails. As a plus, this tire is handmade in Germany and even if the recommended price of 60 EUR is a bit high, you will definitely find some good discounts in online stores.

65 %
Rolling Resistance
100 %
Weight (520 gr)/(18.34 oz)
95 %
70 %