Ritchey WCS Marathon Saddle (2012)


You can’t really enjoy cycling unless you have a comfortable saddle and this is probably one of the first lessons we learn as bike fans. Finding the saddle that offers maximum of comfort is often a long and complicated story, sometimes, a never ending one… However, there are some models that provide a level of comfort above average and so is Ritchey WCS Marathon.

I’ll start the test by describing this seat. At first glance, the WCS logo, to be found on all Ritchey products, including bikes that won a world championship, makes you think of a quality product, which is perfectly natural in this case. We should only mention that it is not placed on top of the range. Visually, the saddle inspires comfort and durability, although chrome -titanium alloy is not always the best choice. The cover is made of microfiber, which is quite natural for an exigent seat. Graphics is not sophisticated and dense foam inside the seat as well as Vector Wing design that ensures even distribution of weight on its surface, are two advantages that enhance comfort.

A final remark is related to weight, in which WCS Marathon doesn’t shatter the competition at all. On the official website, the saddle is listed 223 grams, but our scales contradicts theirs, indicating 260 grams. Honestly, it is a little disappointing for an exigent product, but in keeping with the price, however. Usually what falls below this figure comes with a disproportionate increase in price, so WCS Marathon is a good compromise in this regard.

In point of use, the manufacturer recommends it for both mountain bike and the road. I tested it in the latter case, with a touring bike. To summarize the experience, WCS Marathon is a model that I would recommend to someone who makes a step forward towards sports saddles. It is narrow, which allows feet to work without impediments, yet it causes no great pain for the rider’s back. Of course, there is room for sportsmanship, but for those who have not yet got accustomed to such saddles, the present model is ideal. One important thing to note is that WCS Marathon doesn’t flex. Or even if it does, the difference is unnoticeable, so that the riding position does not change and, implicitly, neither does the effectiveness of this movement. This is due to the carbon skeleton of the saddle, but whatever the explanation, the result is excellent.

In conclusion, Ritchey WCS Marathon is the starting model for top products in terms of saddles. A good compromise between price, weight, stiffness and comfort, this is an option worth taking into account especially if your budget is not so very generous.

Weight: 260 grams