Review: Magura MT7 Hydraulic Disc Brakes (2015)


Magura stepped out of the spotlight for the past months, but it seems this was a great chance to up its game and launch a new set of great brakes. Two years ago they started the MT series, initially dedicated to Cross Country and All Mountain, but which gradually expanded. The even models (2, 4, 6 and 8) were built for normal conditions, while the number 5 and 7 were a couple designed for freeride and downhill. The latest addition to the range was the MT7, which raised discussions from the very beggining since it employed a massive caliper which houses 4 pistons and the same number of pads. How clever is it to borrow technology from the motorcycle world and apply it to bicycles?

This review starts with a crystal-clear statement: Magura MT7 are the most powerful brakes I have ever used, more powerful than Saint, Zee or XO Trail. Maybe the manufacturer exagerated a bit because this power eats away from the modulation, and maybe you’ll need some time to get used to dosing the pull of the levers, but they sure stop the bike. Just make sure you won’t be thrown over the handlebar in the process… This power really makes you feel that nothing can stand in the way of having fun on your bike, be it a ramp, corner or any other tricky section. And, if you really get to master the MT7s at one point, you’ll be nothing less than the king of brakes. Just think of the fact that fading doesn’t occur because you simply can’t get them to the temperature at which this thing happens. The lever feel is another amazing chapter, one finger being enough to release all the energy the brakes are capable of. And regarding this component, you can also find on it two adjusting buttons, of which one brings closer or sends further the actual lever, while the other does the same for the brake pads. As for the visual appearance, we’re still thinking the braking power is the MT7’s strongest point.

Replacing the pads is done very easy, by removing the safety pin first, then simply taking them out. It’s very likely the maintenance cost won’t be too low since you’ll have to swap a total of 8 brake pads, and not 4 as in the case of normal brakes. But at least the 8 pads don’t mean a lot of weight, the total weight of a single caliper being 248 grams (395 grams w/ disc), which is 50 grams less than Shimano’s Saint.

From my point of view, the Magura MT7 are a pair of brakes ideal for downhill. If you’re riding anything less than that, it’s much too much, and you simply do not need such a stopping power. So, Gustav M’s heir offers incredible braking for a reasonable weight, but the price itself for this much potential that very likely most users won’t fully use doesn’t make the brakes that attractive.

Magura MT7 weight (per caliper, w/ 180mm rotor): 395 grams