Onza Lynx Light 1.95 (2012)


Famous in the past, Onza disappeared from the market for quite a while, only to make a strong comeback in the last three years, struggling to be again on the public eye. We tested a set of 1.95 Lynx Lite XC Racing tires, and from the beginning I wouldn’t say that these are too thin, as after a lot of riding on various terrains I started to see the advantages of this size.

Most of tires coming from the Swiss manufacturer have their name taken from wildlife animals and this rule is perfectly valid for the aggressive Lynx we’re talking about. Knobs tread may seem a little chaotic but it has a very clear role, offering good traction on track and high rolling speed.

Fast and grippy on climbs and corners as well, these tires are also good in wet conditions as they give you enough traction to climb a steeper hill in difficult conditions. However, the front tire slid a few times in tight corners. As the side knobs aren’t too big, you can expect good grip on various terrains, including gravel.

As the knobs are widely spaced, this tire sheds mud quite fine. Due to its compound, Lynx offers its share of rolling resistance on asphalt and therefore, supplementary effort is required to ride over such sections. Installing is very easy, you can forget about levers when you install or remove them.

Onza Lynx Light best feels on dirt, where they are at home, thanks to their low weight (400 grams declared by the manufacturer, while we weighed 440 grams) and  to their good traction. Unfortunately a tire this light can’t offer good puncture protection, so you have to be cautious when riding over sharp stones or roots. However, inflated at their maximum capacity, the chances of snakebite decrease.

As a conclusion, I have to highlight Onza’s efforts to make its comeback in style. Few tires on the market manage to come with the same low weight, and their rolling speed, once the asphalt left behind, is exactly what I was expecting. You don’t have to worry too much about price either, as no one will dig too much into your pocket for the 60 TPI wire bead tire. Its price is 20 euro, while the higher spec folding models, as the one we tested, cost around 40 euro per piece.

Weight: 440 grams