NS Bikes Aerial Pro 2011


In search of the lightest platform pedals, for a wide range of use, we stopped on the NSBikes’s  Aerial Pro 2011 model. Why? Because it is one of the lightest aluminum pedals in the world (not taking into account the platform pedals with titanium axle and magnesium body, because they are playing in a completely different price league).

Thus, NS Bikes people have managed to create a set of very narrow pedals, that don’t put on the scale more than 400 grams. They are fitted with bearings for extra-durability and proved to be resistant to hits received while on various routes. After approximately 1 year of operation, they are still in good shape, with no plays and no cracks due to harder hits.

The 10 pins mounted on each side of the pedal, are high enough to give you a very good grip of the sole (straight sole shoes are recommended), but dangerous too, if you are unlucky enough to accidentally touch them. They won’t hesitate to puncture your skin, therefore a set of protection is recommended in case you exploit them in extreme conditions. When damaged, the pins can be easily unscrewed then be replaced with new ones.

There is sufficient width so as to have a large contact surface. Also, they are easy to hit even after achieving a trick that requires getting your sole out of the pedal.

Who are these pedals made for?

NS Bikes Aerial Pro 2011 can be used for both professionals and amateurs. They can be used even by those who prefer Sunday rides and wish for a set of light and durable pedals.

What other types of pedals are there for me?

If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for plastic pedals (eg Eastern, 30 grams heavier, but much cheaper). If you want to step into the top league, you have NukeProof pedals (294 grams, 160 euro).

But I’m not too sure which is your opinion about pretty steep cost. NS Bikes Aerial Pro 2011 pedals can be purchased for around 380 USD. If you think they are too expensive, you have the Aerial model, about 70 grams heavier, but only 30 euro. For both models, there is a variety of colors to choose from.

In short, light does not necessarily mean fragile and these pedals are the solid proof. If a large amount of money is not an obstacle in your way, these are among the best, lightweight and efficient aluminum platform-type pedals that you can purchase.

Weight: 390 grams

Use: mountain biking, BMX