Continental City Ride (2011)


Is there anything good and cheap when it comes to tires for city bikes? This is the question Continental City Ride’s tire is obliged to answer in this test. Excluding special season end or winter sales, I conclude that the Continental City Ride tire, at a price of 10 euro, is not quite bad business, especially because you can equip a bicycle for less than 20 euro.

The first ten kilometers of riding through the city made me realize I was dealing with a decent tire. It neither excels nor disappoints. It keeps balanced, which is an important feature for the segment it belongs to.

Running speed is not impressive, so don’t let yourself be fooled by the smooth portion in the middle of the tire that seems to contribute greatly to this characteristic. Also, it is also more comfort- oriented, so if you want to cruise around town faster and with little effort, you should take a look at the Contact Reflex model which is faster, lighter, but more expensive.

Compared with the Contact Reflex model that takes a maximum pressure of 102 psi, the City Ride reaches its maximum limit at 80 psi.

It provides very good grip on asphalt, even in corners and does well on cubic stone. If you are unlucky enough to get caught in the rain while riding on cubic stone, you’ll have to be more careful because the CityRide is considerably losing grip.

Good news comes from the protection against punctures. It didn’t take me too long to make up my mind and climb several sidewalks in a barbaric way to see if there was any danger of running with a flat tire. Heavy attempts were successful: the CityRide tires provide safety for city riding. However, make sure that your tires are inflated to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer: 70 psi minimum, 80 psi maximum.

In conclusion, the Continental CityRide successfully demonstrates that there is such thing as cheap and good. At least, when it comes to city bikes, manufacturers seem to be more lenient with pricing. It doesn’t get full marks because of lower running speed and grip on cubic stone, but overall it is a balanced tire that will gladly accompany you on paved roads.

Weight: 650 grams (size 700 x 32C)