Mavic XM 317 Disc (2011)


With the same design, unchanged since 2007, the Mavic XM 317 Disc rim seeks to dominate the mid-level segment through two major qualities: relatively low weight and good durability over time. For this test I chose a mountainous area with various trails, but didn’t avoid more difficult tracks, either.

The French Mavic manufacturer recommends the rim as a perfect allrounder, referring especially to All Mountain disciplines. Although some argue that they are heavy, the XM 317 weigh only 100 grams more than the lightest rims available on the market for this segment. If you build your bicycle wheels with high quality hubs and spokes, you’ll get a quite decent weight.

For less weight and for Cross Country disciplines, thin spokes are preferable, but to increase strength you can opt for a set of normal or slightly thicker spokes (if you ride more difficult trails). With the Mavic XM 317you can choose both a simple and a difficult trail. Problems have been reported by heavier riders: whereas for some of them wheels were untrue, in others the tire came off the rim during cornering.

Throughout the rides, the XM 317 Disc rims worked excellently with no puncture or significant untrueing. However, when I repeatedly hit some big stones, they had a little deviation from the original line. Keep in mind that these wheel rims were not designed for extreme tracks! For this reason it is recommended that you fit them with tires of less than 2.30, although some prefer even thicker tires for All Mountain.

The finishes are good and the construction is as you probably expect, with double walls.

In the long term, the Mavic XM 317 Disc rims are a reliable partner. Sustainability issues have been raised by those who have not adequately operated them but also by “heavyweight” people.

They are also available in the V-Brake’s version, with 32 or 36 holes. Choose the version with 32 holes for a slightly lower weight or 36-hole version for increased strength.

Weight: 445 grams