RST Titan 15 Air Suspension Fork (2012)


I couldn’t start this review with anything else than to admit that the RST Titan 15 was one of the most pleasant suprises of this season. OK, it is also true that fellow RST forks didn’t impress, especially given that they belonged to the entry-level category, but this test’s subject remains one of the best deals out there. And how could it not be when for about 400 euros you get mid-level spec’d fork with an air cartridge? For example, a Rock Shox Revelation fork with the same travel and some grams less cashes in at around 530 euros, while a same category Fox fork will set you back aproximately 900 euros. Obviously, there are some quality differences that need to be taken into consideration, but nevertheless, the RST Titan 15 manages to top the bill.

During the 4 months the test unfolded, the RST Titan 15 Air worked like clockwork. The 150mm travel, which in fact measures 147mm, did a good job on steep downhills or when it came to dampening hard landings. The travel is progressive towards the end and avoids an unexpected bottom-out. Not even a 1.5 meter drop proveed to be a match for the RST’s Titan. In regards of performance, hats off! The arms slide silently and smoothly back and forth as long as you get the right pressure.

Even more, the manufacturer fitted the fork with an 15mm thru axle which improves stiffness. This in turn improves cornering and safety while doing this. And talking about stiffness, the Titan doesn’t flex too much, 184 Nm/degree, a decent value for medium/long travel forks.

Though the inside of the RST Titan 15 will never compare with the one of a Fox or X-Fusion fork, this could hardly be a disappointment as you will spend about 3 times less on it than in the other 2 cases. Neither do the outer finishing touches impress, but at least the producer secured a look that doesn’t raise doubts regarding quality.

Adjustments like rebound or lock-out are present as well and manage very well to acomplish their mission. As far as weight is concerned, the 2.16 kilograms of the fork are rather decent and may very well be the major setback of this component, as competition has at least a 300-grams advantage over it.

To put it briefly, the RST Titan 15 Air is ideal for demanding mountain trails. The 150mm travel is far to large for XC, although you might want to know about a small part of the fork can reduce it to 140 or 100mm if you are willing to put your handyman skills to the test. Also, the Titan lives up to its name regarding strength and represents a very good deal, mainly if you aren’t interested in careful finishing touches, bright colours or eye-catching design. It’s simply a fork that does an above-average job for an below-average price.

Weight: 2.163 grams