Rock Shox Recon Silver TK Air (2012)


As Tora has been discontinued by Rock Shox, Recon was the only fork suited to replace it. And it manages to do it vey well, proving once more the Rock Shox really takes things seriously even when it comes to cheaper forks.

In our case, cheaper means approximately 250 euro, as this is the amount of money you have to pay if you want to ride this kind of fork. Should you be interested in a lighter model, but slightly more expensive you can look towards Recon Gold TK, with anodized stanchions in order to reduce friction even more. Gold TK has aluminum made arms while Silver TK’s arms are made of steel. Thus the weight difference between the two is around 300 grams.

Coming back to our Silver TK, it offers smooth damping for its 100 mm of travel mentioned in its spec sheet. Should you have to go over bigger obstacles –let’s assume we are talking about rocks or prominent roots, you’ll never bottom this fork out. Maybe in case of a drop, but it’s very unlikely you’ll try such things with this fork. Traditionally for Rock Shox, one can increase or decrease fork’s travel by removing the inside spacers.

An advantage of using steel stanchions, even if it does not sound too friendly, is that they also make the fork more rigid. On descents, for example, in case of sudden braking you won’t have the impression that the fork is coming towards you. Not even a single centimeter, even if in fact, the fork moves a little bit. And this is to be appreciated.

Compared to its main rival, Suntour Raidon, the Recon works better, flexes less, offer supplementary adjustments but it also costs double, which is another proof that you have to pay extra cash for quality and performance. Always.

Our fork featured a Lock-Out command, placed on the handlebar, and very easy to be operated. If you care for the extra-weight and it’s simpler for you to bend over and lock the fork, than you can forget the Lock-Out Recon. And also save some money.

The weight of 2.069 grams is very good for this segment even if it doesn’t come even close to the values of similar travel Fox Evolution (entry-level) forks. Recon is left behind with more than 400 grams but is also costs 40% less.

In brief, for XC tracks, Recon Silver TK Air offers good company. Its damping is smooth enough for you to feel you haven’t paid too much, it comes with Lock-Out and Rebound adjustments and last but not least, it has an air cartridge. Enough good points to accept the fact that 250 euro is not a big price. We recommend it to the riders who want to give their old fork away – however, careful at what you’re giving away – and especially to those who purchased entry and mid-level bikes with coil forks and want to upgrade their forks.

Weight: 2.069 grams


  1. Greetings! I LOVE the detail of your reviews, i am getting a bike with a rockshox recon coil fork. can you review the coil version please as well? I’ve been counting on one for a while…

    Thanks, and keep shredding…