Campagnolo Chorus 11 Crankset (2012)


One of the with one of the pieces de resistance of the Campagnolo Chorus 11 groupset is undoubtedly the crankset. Italians will not deny themselves, so they offer one of the best products available on the market. Indeed, it won’t make pedaling much easier, but it will be much more pleasant and reliable as far as defects are concerned. Details follow.

For those who want performance parts but do not intend to liquidate their bank account, Chorus 11 group is a viable alternative. The same applies to crankset. In terms of performance, is superior to the corresponding sets of other brands. Weight is enviable, the 663-gram piece reinforcing its leading position. Campagnolo can do better than that, but it retained the highest technology for the Record and Super Record sets, with corresponding price changes.

Returning to the Chorus crankset, its weight is given by unidirectional carbon which is used in abundance over the metal frame of this piece. Even if it is not hollow, the crankset possesses most of the qualities of the two sets placed above the Chorus, mentioned above. For example, it benefits from XPSS technology, eXtreme Performance Shifting System. This means that chainrings are distributed in 8 different sectors, each with small ramps and rivets that allow the chain to climb up and down as efficiently as possible. I got fully aware of it when I tested the crankset and noticed the accuracy with which the derailleurs guide the chain movement, comparable to the electronic sets. A real delight, in other words.

For several years, Chorus has been using Ultra-Torque technology. Crankset bearings are installed directly on the crank arms and they are embedded with half of the respective shaft. The two halves of the shafts to be joined have serrated tips to ensure perfect fit. This translates into an efficient transfer of pedaling energy to the crankset and farther on, to the chain. The folks at Campagnolo have done a great job with this technology that spares precious grams. The feeling I had while testing it is still fresh in my memory.

As for appearance, it’s what Campagnolo has really been counting on for years, namely the classic and elegant at the same time. No flashy colors or eccentric shapes with these Italians. The same for Chorus gear 11, which is available in only one variant, with black arms and grey anodized sheets.

After so much praise, I must highlight the most painful aspect about this crankset. You have probably guessed already that a performance piece like this has a price to match. There’s nothing truer in this case, indeed. You won’t need to liquidate your bank account, as I said at the beginning, but you’ll have to thin out considerably. The price doesn’t sound very appealing, but at least Chorus 11 is a product which, if used in normal wear, it is very likely you can bequeath.

Weight: 633 grams