Review: B’TWIN 500 Winter Cycling Jacket


Even if we couldn’t exactly name Decathlon a cycling expert, we reckon that they know how to reach affordable prices. The B’Twin 500 may not be the most elaborate and advanced winter cycling jacket out there, but with a price that challenges any competitor and makes curious any buyer, it deserves a closer look.

Maybe the specs of it should sound more like „mild winter cycling jacket” because when used during temperatures below 5 degree Celsius, you’ll start feeling the cold. However, even with this drawback, the B’Twin 500 surpasses the entry-level category, with features like the high-quality fabrics or the carefully executed seams confirming its rank somewhere in the mid-level. In the same time, one can notice differences between it and top-level jackets, such as the lack of an insulated zipper or generally more attention to details.

The underarm includes two openings that you can unzip in order to let in cool air, and they really come in handy if the situation gets hot, unless you carry a backpack which has shoulder straps that cover them. Securing a tight fit around your waist, as the result of an elastic and silicon band, the jacket won’t allow the mean, cold air to come in contact with your torso, while some reflective bands on the back will make you more visible when riding in low light conditions.

B’Twin 500 is a decent jacket in wintertime, but it’s of little use when dealing with really low temperatures, specifically those that plummet under 5 degrees Celsius. However, its pricetag makes for a great reason to check it out, and even have it if you don’t plan on riding in harsh conditions.