Review: Bell Super 2R helmet (2015)


Bell’s Super 2R is the kind of helmet that stands out from the crowd the minute you see it, even if it belongs to the less popular all-mountain category. In the same time it’s almost a genuine full-face helmet, having a detachable wraparound chin-bar that offers the needed protection, and at least from my point of view, it’s simply an awesome helmet, coming from a top manufacturer, being a product that makes you fall for it on the spot, which I might say doesn’t happen very often.

While the concept on which the Bell Super 2R relies isn’t new, we all know that how one puts the plan in to practice can make the difference, which is the case here. First of all, this helmet uses top-end materials, that bring along great quality thus covering all aspects that regard functionality. Furthermore, the way the Super 2R looks is, well, super, being crafted with great attention to details, exactly like a top-end product should.

Not using the chin-bar transforms the helmet into an all-mountain companion, which first entered the Bell range in 2013, and which avoids resembling a giant mushroom that sits on your head when worn thanks to a compact design. Like all helmets from this category, you can say goodbye to proper ventilation, but can welcome extra warmth during wintertime, while adjusting it is done easily. I also recommend the use of the adjustable visor since it can spare you some freak-encounters with branches, not to mention that it helps you look like a serious rider, regardless if you’re one or not.

Adding the chin-bar takes the Super 2R in the full-face category, and let me start by saying the structure resulted from the adding of this element is a rigid one, that provides real protection, a feat achieved by only a few manufacturers so far. Locked in the position via 3 points, it can handle serious impacts in the place of your chin. However, protection comes with the price of weight, which you’ll feel sooner or later, but you can find solace in the air vents situated in the chin-bar, so all in all, things turn out balanced, considering enduro, all-mountain and downhill junkies will be the main categories using it.

And what’s a ride these days without recording it? Featuring the Integrated Breakaway Camera Mount, the helmet allows you to attach an action cam and store your adventures. As stated eralier, all these perks come with a price, weight reaching a value that’s hard to overlook: 702 grams (M size), while the actual money price gravitating around 250 euros.

You can choose between 5 color options that you can combine with the rest of your gear or even your bike, and between 3 sizes (S, M and L). Just as important, the Super 2R features the ICEDOT, which may save your life at one point, though I hope it won’t be necessary. The dot carries a PIN code which can be introduced on the website where important informations about you are available. For instance, if someone finds you lying in a ditch, that person can type your PIN code on the site, find out your blood type, or about illnesses you suffer from, offer you basic help, and the alert the medical services, and even call up your close acquaintances or relatives and, ultimately, save you.

If you’re looking for extra protection while mountainbiking or you’re an enduro fan, the Bell Super 2R is the helmet for you, being easy to carry in your backpack, even comfortable during climbing, preventing damaging your head while riding in extreme condition, and looking great.