Avid X0 Trail Hydraulic Disk Brakes (2013)


After I got in touch with the new Avid X0 Trail brakes, I understand that there is always the possibility of creating a lightweight and highly capable product. And most likely, this trend will be continued by other major brake manufacturers, the people from Avid marking the starting point.

At a time when product diversity is very high, Avid offers a new braking system,  hydraulic, of course, with a caliper containing 4 pistons, of which two smaller and two larger. Compacted, I don’t know how, exactly, in a caliper, smaller than that of Elixir R brakes, can you imagine? Moreover, the entire weight of the system is small, only 340 grams (rotor included).

Speaking about the rotor, to my full and entire satisfaction, the bike was fitted with the new HS 1 rotor, diameter of 170 mm. This dimension has been recently introduced by Avid, not only to diversify the offer and make the buyer more and more undecided, but also because it is a good option when the 160- mm rotor seems too small for you and the 180-mm too big. Since the brakes are very powerful, it was practically impossible for me to distinguish between 170- mm rotor, installed on the bike, and 160 or 180- mm rotors. But I can compare it with other braking systems that I used. Modulation, for instance, is better in comparison with Avid Elixir R or Elixir 1,3,5 and even 7. Braking power is also higher than those mentioned earlier but cannot reach the brutality of Code Avid.

The lever is made of carbon, being as ergonomic and wide as you expected, but, unfortunately, it fails to provide the same grip in the end, the way Shimano brake levers do. As compared to the Japanese rival however, the tank is perfectly fitted in the lever body and part of it without visually disturbing (Shimano 2012/2013 brakes tank).

Unfortunately, not all models will benefit from adjustment that can be made without special keys. If some models are equipped with a small knob behind the lever, others will require a small Allen key for approaching or distancing the lever from the handlebar.

The distance adjustment of brake pads to the rotor is also worth mentioning. Without increasing or decreasing the lever travel, as in the case of Elixir CR/X9, it’s up to you to decide how fast the pads attack the rotor. The system is also useful in case you get a slightly warped rotor and want to distance brake pads within the caliper, in order to eliminate the “rubbing” noise they make.

In conclusion, the new Avid X0 Trail brakes seem to be the most inspired choice when it comes to All Mountain or Enduro bikes. You don’t need more, and 170-mm rotor does well, even if it is very large. You will be able to choose from a wide range of rotors, which starts at a diameter of 140 mm and grows to a diameter of 200 mm. They are well finished and small size caliper is impressive, while braking power is remarkable. Unfortunately, however, you can’t buy them at low price.

Weight: 340 grams