How to uninstall the headset of a bike


Uninstalling a headset is a simple operation, but it cannot be done without the necessary tools (except in an improvised risky manner). Today you can find a special tool, a pipe that has a nut that fits perfectly with the back of the headset at a modest price. It will help you dismantle the headset very fast.

Step 1: Our frame has an internal headset. The principle is the same for frames which have exterior headsets as well.


Step 2: This tool will help you remove the headset from the frame. In the inferior side it is cut such that it fits the 1 1-1/8 inch diameter perfectly. For the 1.5 inch diameter you need a similar tool which as a nut with a bigger diameter. If you do not want to buy such a tool you can pull on the arms till it gets larger, but this is risky as you may break one of the respective arms.


Step 3: You should introduce the tool through the headtube with the nut oriented downwards. Attention! If you push to powerfully it will get out of the headtube and you will need to reintroduce it. You need to push in a sensible way.


Step 4: Ensure that the four arms are fixed on the headset. There is a risk that one of the arms hits the frame tube and thus you risk ruining it!


Step 5: Hit with a rubber hammer.  If the headset is stuck on the headtube you will need to use a large hammer. Pay attention when the headset comes out as the tool will also fall and you can get hurt. All that remains now is to do the same thing for the other part of the headset.


In the next tutorial we will show you how to put a headset on the frame.