How to shorten the brake hose (AVID)


In this tutorial we will show you how to shorten the brake cable of an Avid braking system. Because most braking systems come with a longer cable (in case you use a full suspension or a 29er) you will need to shorten the cable.

This is done by following a few simple steps. Before starting be sure that you have the necessary items for shortening the cables in the box along with the brakes. You need to have a silver ring, a screw that makes the cable rigid letting the brake liquid flow and a Torx wrench. All this normally come in the box.

Step 1: Set up the optimal length for the cable. If it is too long it will make an unaesthetic loop. If it is too short you risk damaging it when turning the handlebar 90 degrees or more. You can use the old cable to get the measure right, or you can estimate it after installing the brake on the bike. To shorten the cable you must first remove it from the lever.  First remove the rubber component.


Step 2: depending on the construction of your Avid lever, you will need one or two wrenches to remove the cable. We used an 11 and an 8 wrench to remove the cable. Pay attention if brake liquid leaks from the lever because it is corrosive. It has to be cleaned very fast with a piece of cloth if it leaks on the components of your bike. If it leaks onto the braking pads you will need to replace them because they will be compromised.


Step 3: cut the brake cable. Try to cut it as straight as possible (not in a diagonal!). Pay attention to the liquid that can leak through the cable. Place it up such that it will not leak.


Step 4: After introducing the ring you will need to place the piece that will make the cable rigid (which has the shape of a screw) at the end of the cable.


Step 5: With the Torx 10 wrench you must proceed to the next step. You do not need to tighten excessively because the screw can destroy the channel it has already created when you introduced it and you will then need to shorten the cable once again.


Step 6: Make sure the cable has reached the end. Now all you need to do is to introduce the cable into the lever and tighten with the 8 wrench. Do not forget to also use the 11 wrench in order to properly introduce the cable into the lever.


It is very important to check if there are any liquid leaks next to the place where the cable meets the lever!