How to remove the back wheel from the bike


It is one of the simplest operations but it is necessary when you have a flat, you want to replace the tire or even the sprockets. Because we received more emails asking us for a tutorial on this subject we have created this article.

No matter what the system is (quick release or with nuts) the principle is the same with a few variations.

Step 1: put the bike upside down. If you do this on a hard surface be sure to protect the saddle and the handlebar with a plastic sheet or some kind of paper.


Step 2: position the rear derailleur on the smallest sprocket.


Step 3: open the quick release or unscrew the nuts. If your bike comes with V-brakes be sure to open them too so that the wheel can come out.


Step 4: pull the wheel up while holding the frame seat stay with one hand.


Step 5: pull the derailleur’s cage up to facilitate the removal of the wheel.


Step 6: pull the wheel to the right while holding the cage stretched.


Step 7: after fixing the problem you need to put the wheel back. Start again with the derailleur’s cage.


Step 8: fix the chain on the last sprocket (you should not have played with the shifter in the meantime).


Step 9: let the wheel come on to its position on the frame. It will come in easily. Pay special attention so that the disc is positioned between the brake pads.


Step 10: tighten the quick release to the interior (or the nuts if it is the case). It has to be placed such that it allows a complete lock. If you have V-Brakes put them back in their original position.