Twist Bike, A Ready to Connect Bicycle


We may consider Twist Bike more than a simple bike, even more than a design project, as we could regard it as a union between two people, we shall see why. It not only immediately catches all your attention, through its hubless wheels, its flawless symmetry – one just has to observe how saddle, frame and handlebars are positioned, making you realize how easy it is to switch direction and maybe even connect to another person.

Drive train I might say consists of Hollowtech pushed to the extreme and it can be completely disassembled. Handlebars and saddle maybe turned 180º so you can connect to another… Twist Bike.

That’s right, this bicycle can quickly be turned into an original tandem, making a former front wheel act like a rear one, so you can reflect upon what forward and backwards concepts really mean. Twist Bike shows us that everything is relative in our world, and perhaps, the most important thing is not pedaling alone…

I wonder if designer Jose Hurtado is a descendent of Salvador Dali, and I would really like to admire this bicycle gracefully being ridden by two lovers.