Titanium gains ground: Wittson Cycles’ 29er Nulla rigid fork


We’re not sure if carbon is losing its share, but we’re certain that titanium rides a nice wave. Wittson Cycles from Lithuania have recently added a new member to this metal club by releasing their first 29er rigid full titanium fork, Nulla.

The guys pay a lot of attention to craftsmanship, so before assuming rigid forks are simple, take a look at this Grade 9 titanium fork. According to the manufacturer, its design with titanium legs and lugs makes it unique, nothing similar being present on the market so far.

Also, they used welding instead of glueing, a feat made possible due the experience they have in welding titanium. Then there’s the integrated brake hose, and you’re probably wondering why none of the big players out there are doing this. It seems it’s more complex to install, but it just looks clean.

Moreover, even though nowadays postmount on rigid forks isn’t standard yet, this one has it. And to round things off, the fork comes with a tapered titanium steerer as an option, and you can also choose either quick release or thru axle.

It’s true rigid forks aren’t exactly usual on mountain bikes, but they do have their fair share of positive contribution to enhancing your performance, especially when climbing, a thing we stated in a previous article already. Other features of the Nulla include a hand polished finish with sandblasted decals, lifetime warranty and the possibility to customize it with your desired rake, length, crown or v-brakes.

Nulla Full Specification

Weight: 1.023g (1 1/8″ steerer uncut) / 1.126g (tapered steerer uncut)
Wheel size: 29″
Diameter: 1 1/8″ or tapered –
Max. tyre size: 29×2.50
Max. rotor size: 185mm
Rake: 45mm
Axle to crown: 470mm
Steerer length: 270mm
Dropouts: quick release or 15mm thru axle
Integrated brake hose
Floating postmount

Via Wittson Cycles


  1. The fork EASILY fits 3.0 inch “tyres” and larger. I have it installed and have seen it with 3″ tires with more than enough room to spare and go even larger than that.

    For your information.

    Thanks for a great website!