Titanium 27.5 inch trail bike from Kona: Ti Explosif


A fair amount of bike enthusiasts are willing to make do with several grams more if this ensures their pedalling machineries some extra durability, comparable to that of bicycles from the good ol’ days. The ideal candidate to achieve this sits in titanium, a metal with excellent properties, fully used by Kona when creating the Ti Explosif, a 27.5 inch mountain bike set to make waves in the world of trail riding.

Just running over titanium’s properties once again, one of its finest perks represents the nice balancing of weight, stiffness and durability, thus offering a great ride quality. Not many manufacturers deal with titanium and Kona isn’t one of them, reason why it passed on to American titanium specialist Lynskey the task of manufacturing the frame. Otherwise, the geometry of the frame is the fruit of Kona’s own endeavor, also applied in the case of the steel model Explosif.

The Ti Explosif aims at being an aggressive trail mountain bike, which features an enhanced maneuverability thanks to its 27.5 inch wheels, head tube angle of 68 degreesand 420mm chainstay. It’s also compatible with the rear axle standards of 12×142 and 12×157, and it comes with a lifetime warantee against defective materials or workmanship.