The Waldo Bike Shop Detector app does what its name says


The soon-to-appear theft prevention system named Waldo is still a work in progress, but this didn’t stop its developers from launching the app named Bike Shop Detector. As its name unveils, its main function is locating the bicycle shops/services nearest to you, so that you can fix your bike it it happened to break down out of thin air, or you want to stop by your local shops on your way back from work.

Bike Shop Detector is part of the larger Waldo project, since it involves locating the bike’s position, a thing most necessary when it’s being stolen. So, the app released now acts like a step towards the final form of the software that will accompany the theft-prevention system.


Not only does the app display the closest bicycle shops, regardless of the country you use it in, thus making it a useful tool when travelling in unknown places, but it also tells you the distance  between you and the shop, aproximate time of arrival should you head towards it and the store’s schedule, for deciding if you can make it in time to it. The shops present on the app can be also shown on a map, so you can navigate to them via other locations you may want to visit on the way. Besides the simple presence of these commercial units, you can find various other informations about them and a rating system for evaluating the shops. Last, but not least, Bike Shop Detector indicates which stores offer discounts, and you can simply put a shop on a list by using the “Add a shop” function.

Bike Shop Detector Features:

  • detects bike shops in your proximity;
  • displays the distance to each shop and the time it will take you to get there, based on the selected speed;
  • displays relevant information for each shop, like its full address, phone number or website;
  • the Street View will help you out when you’re close to the shop, but can’t quite find it;
  • navigate to your desired shop;
  • view all the shops on the map;
  • if a shop is not present, you can add in two easy steps;
  • choose your preferred range in which you want bike shops to be detected

Waldo Bike Shop Detector can be downloaded from Google Play