The Giro Empire cycling shoes are available for purchase


Whether they are or not one of his keys of success, Taylor Phinney’s Giro Empire cycling shoes were the ones that accompanied him during the major races of 2012. And it is no small thing considering that the young American already rode with very good results competitions like the Giro d’Italia or the Olympic Road Race. Now, Empire’s manufacturer is putting them up for sale so anyone can benefit from the features of this special pair.

And why is it special? Well, most of all because it is a mix between vintage design and modern technology. Instead of the ever-present Velcro straps of most modern cycling shoes, Giro chose to use laces for this ones, maybe to offer us a flashback to the times when dual-control levers or carbon fibre were something belonging to science fiction, or maybe purely out of aesthetically reasons. Whatever the motivation, they did a very good job in terms of looks and functionality. Speaking about functionality, optimum power transfer is ensured by the Empire’s carbon sole, produced by Easton, a company for which this material doesn’t hold any secrets anymore. Also, movement of the feet inside the shoes is reduced to a bare minimum thanks to the one-piece Tejin upper part, SuperNatural Fit footbed and an injection-molded heel cup.

Retail price is set at 275$ and more info can be found on the Giro website.

Via Giro