Tektro Mota: More hydraulic brakes from Taiwan


Being a constant and lively presence in the bike industry, Tektro has revealed a significant number of brake tipes, especially for mountain bikes, but without neglecting city or e-bikes. Now they present Mota, a budget-oriented brakeset.

Besides the mercy that it will show to your wallet, the Mota has been announced as being very easy to adjust. Although it wasn’t mentioned in comparison to which model Mota will hold the upper edge, we suspect that Tektro is taking Draco as a refference point.

As far as weight goes, Mota is 12 grams lighter than the Draco 2, but the two models do not differ in terms of rotors used, both having 160mm ones. When it comes to hard figures, the front Mota weighs 305 grams, while the rear one 321, a less than competitive value from a performance point of view.

The calliper has two pistons and the lever is designed to be pressed by two fingers, offering a decent grip. Furthermore, there are no information about the price or whether it shall be manufactured by Tektro as an OEM-supplier.