Stringdrive turns the chain obsolete by using… strings


A Hungarian manufacturer introduced 3 years ago a new drivetrain system that works on ropes, and not on the classical chain. First regarded with skepticism, the invention was constantly improved, being presented at this year’s Eurobike show as the fully functional version.

The ropes used are among the strongest ones, also employed in sailing and fitness for dealing with different weights. Several advantages of the new system stand out, of which we note the low noise level, low maintenance, no need for lubrication or a derailleur and lower gear ratios.

Still, Stringdrive has its drawbacks, the most prominent being the sole option in terms of braking, the use of the V-Brake, because the hub can’t support a rotor. In the near future however, Stringdrive suggests that it will launch off-road versions of the Stringbike. Another setback is represented by its weight, a road bike with this sytem tipping the scale at 9.5 kilograms, while a 29er at 14.6 kilograms.

As far as we’re concerned, a belt drive system stands as a viabile alternative to the string mechanism, as long as it has some gears included in its hub, the entire mechanism being much less complicated than in the case of the Stringdrive.