Strapless heart rate monitor: Mio Alpha


If wearing your heart rate monitor’s cheast strap suits you no longer, then Mio brings you good news. Their new Alpha monitor will feature a certain technology that allows it to measure your heart rate only by simply being worn at the wrist. So, bye, bye chest strap!

But what’s replacing the chest strap? Actually a scientific breakthrough that is in use in medicine. Two light beams and an electro-optical cell measure the volume of blood under your skin and further determine the value of your pulse. However, you might want to take into consideration the fact that this technology used in modern medicine acts when pacients are standing still. It’a a whole other issue how things work during exercise, but the manufacturer claims this problem was the first to be solved.

Among Alpha’s functions we can find the current heart rate, hear rate zone settings, average heart rate, stopwatch and the possibility to connect via Bluetooth to the Alpha Mio smartphone app. With a price of 199$, the new heart rate monitor might prove to be a revolution.

Via Mio